B008 Hugi stone bath

B008 Hugi stone bath


Hugi stone baths

Hugi Stonebaths

Hugi B008

The Hugi B008 Stonebath is now one of our top selling premium Hugi range stonebaths.

The Hugi range has graced the bathrooms of some well-known hotels in America including Marriott and Hilton Hotels.

The B008 1640mm stonebath is certainly one of our favourite go to baths, ticking most of the boxes for size, style and comfort.

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The B008 concrete stonebath is becoming our most popular solid coloured bath. Currently concrete stonebaths are adding an industrial look which is complimented beautifully by our brushed gun metal or brushed nickel tapware.

The B008 also comes in the oversized and luxurious stonebath size of 1800mm.

To view our range of tapware please visit https://stonebaths.co.nz/collections/tapware

This product is also available in New Zealand through   https://stonebaths.co.nz/