About Us

Stonebaths (previously known as iBath) was established in 2004 marketing stone baths and stone basins online. By 2009 the online demand for cast stone products resulted in Stonebaths growing into one of the leading online distributors in this industry.

The range contained a selection of 40 stone baths and 60 basins and has been available in matte, gloss white and more recently matte black. Initially our clients were predominantly residential house owners.

As a result of customer demand, we now supply to a number of plumbing stores for niche products. Our biggest growth has been to builders, property developers, designers and architects.

We know the growth in online sales of high quality bathroom fittings will continue to grow globally over the next 10 years and with this in mind, we have increased our range and launched brand new catalogues for Retail Stone Baths, Nordic Stone Baths and Hugi High-End Stone Baths.

Stonebaths Australia was launched in 2012 and has grown with more showrooms being opened regularly including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our New Zealand showrooms currently include Ponsonby, New Plymouth and Queenstown.

We have developed the Toka Boutique Hotel Range featuring designs for smaller spaces and apartment style living. This features a stone bath that is only 1180mm in length.

The modern trends in researching, sourcing and purchasing indicate that more and more people are using online showrooms. Recently we launched online videos of each of our key products. We are continuously working on streamlining our processes to keep us at the forefront of the industry.