Choosing an outdoor bath

Choosing an outdoor bath

Our entire range of stone and concrete baths can be used outside, with many customers using them in luxury Air BnB cabins through to high end retreats. The most popular baths are still white but the trend toward earthy colours continues from inside through to outdoor living and bathing areas. Black and grey outdoor baths are popular for their ability to blend into the natural environment. Our Toka Concrete range has beautiful colours and can be placed in any outdoor setting.

Why an outdoor bath?
Bathing under the stars is a truly beautiful experience. But why chose an outdoor bath over a spa? Firstly, there are no chemicals needed for an outdoor bath. They are low maintenance and can easily be covered when not in use. Simply fill with fresh hot water, your choice of oils or bubbles and enjoy!

The water capacity is another feature. While you do need to refill each time you use the bath, we have many that have a really low water capacity, meaning you're using less energy to heat and fill than running a spa pump and heater constantly. 

Lastly, baths take up much less space and do not need power to run. A hot/cold water outlet is all you need, and if you have a good plumber you can channel your used water into a grey water tank or into your garden beds.

How to choose an outdoor bath.
Firstly, look at the space you have to work with. Getting a bath into position means lifting and carrying it. Measure any gates or doorways you need to get through before you order.

How many people will it be for? Locations such as accommodations or hotels will cater to couples, so an 1800mm+ wide bath is ideal.

If you have a smaller space or prefer to sit up, the Rosetta ST01 bath in 1500-1700 is a good choice.

The Justina 1650mm is also an excellent choice if you want a medium length outdoor bath as it is very wide.

If you are on tank water, the Bertina STB12 bath is still large, however the shape means it has a lower water capacity than other outdoor baths. This is the ideal outdoor bath for rural or country homes.

The Toka Concrete Bayley and Cora are beautiful concrete outdoor baths. Their raw concrete finish blends in with paving, plants and the natural environment. The cool touch of concrete is also perfect for warmer climates but will retain heat in the cold.

Can all baths go outside?
Not every bath is created equal, and we only supply concrete and polymarble versions of our baths for use outside. Having been in the industry for nearly 20 years, we know what wears and what doesn't. All our materials get stress tested for extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Of course, nature can sometimes throw a curveball and we do recommend a cover (furniture covers are great) to protect baths from accumulating leaf litter and petals that can lead to staining or discoloration.

How to clean and maintain an outdoor bath.
To clean a polymarble bath we recommend Jif or any similar cream cleanser. Any minor marks and scuffs can be buffed out using the sanding pad provided with your bath. Coloured outdoor baths can be cleaned using a sanding pad and buffed back and car wax can be used to polish the surface back to its original condition, ensuring all slippery residue is wiped off of course. Always empty your outdoor bath after using. We also offer a special warranty for outdoor baths. See our T&Cs for the details.

Justina ST12 1650mm outdoor bath


Vivienne ST24 1800mm


Hugi B003 Grey at The Rocks

Bertina ST18 1780mm at Te Arai Lodge


Justina ST12 1700mm in a bath house